The goal of the Open Source Harware Group is to design new instrumentation for the chemical laboratory and publish the technical information needed for Do It Yourself (DIY) with a minimum of skins and investment.


Such instrumentation can be categorized in two classes:

  • auxiliary equipment designed to make easy the lab working, keeping the 3R directives (reduce, re-use and recycle) in mind,
  • analytical instrumentation designed to make accesible the analysis of environmental samples, water, foods or pharmaceutical preparations in labs with poor funds.


This page summarizes the projects designed by our team as they are developed. For each project, the state of project will be indicated and the technical documentation will be linked from the forge, making accesible for all the people.

By now, there are the projects with some material or information:

Open FIA system

Open ISEmeter
Motorized Injection Valve
uControlled Flow – Syringe Pump

Light box for PCB photoetching

Pressure sensor

Hot-plate press