LED LightBox


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The simplest way to manufacture printed circuit boards (PCB) from a design that has been drawn with a CAD-CAM program is to print the photolyte in a transparent acetate and transfer it to the virgin plate by a photographic procedure. For this you need an insolator or light box. Here it is proposed to use the empty box of an old desktop scanner and a strip of LEDs to make it.


This project describes in a very detailed way how to build an insolator (or light box) to manufacture PCB by photoetching, using the case of an old desktop scanner as a starting point. After removing all the components inside the scanner, an MDF board is prepared to place the white LEDs behind the scan window. Inside, it also houses the power transformer (it can be plugged directly into the 220 VAC network) and a timer to easily control the exposure time.

The project documentation details the electrical connections, some technical considerations to achieve the best results and step-by-step assembly instructions. A test is also done to show how to adjust the exposure time to the characteristics of the photosensitive plate used.