Latina Women Writers in the United States
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Since the 1960s the number of Latina writers has grown considerably adding a new spice to the US literary panorama and to feminine/feminist literature.  Their work has been an important contribution to other previous work by third world women and other ethnic writers in the United States.

Latina writers provide a new perspective about growing up being a member of a racial and cultural minority. Besides, they are being stranded between two very different worlds, cultures and languages. Nevertheless, their experience and their experience and the literary work they create testifies the importance of their cultural heritage and their contribution to the multicultural panorama of the United States.

In this site we will explore the characteristics of the different groups of Latinas and the development and consolidation of Latina Literature in the last decades. The influences in their work are many and varied: from Latin American women writers, from Anglosaxon feminist writers and from the oral tradition of Latina ancestors among others. You will find many resources valuable for teachers and students of Latino/a Literature and I also expect you to contribute by sending me interesting links and critical digital sources.



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