Catálisis Homogénea

Our work is mainly devoted to the design of metal-based catalysts to be employed in the functionalization of hydrocarbons. Most of our work is basedon coinage metals, although group 10 metals such as Ni and Pd are also employed in our labs.Herein some of the past and present research projects are shown.

Polypyrazolylborate ligad sor N-heterocyclic ligands are, by far, the most employed in our catalytic systems:




With olefin as the substrates, several reactions have been developed:





Saturated C-H bonds have also been functionalized with related catalytic systems





Aromatic C-H bonds have been targeted and modified accordingly:




Novel reactions have been discovered such as the formation of oxazoles by click chemistry or the synthesis of dihydropyridines from furanes.




A novel methodology involving the use ofsupercritical carbón dioxide as the reaction solvent has allowed the catalytic functionalization of methane:






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