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Seminario XXIV Miércoles con COIDESO: Decolonising English: A Semi-Peripheral Perspective

Decolonizing curricula in European universities, higher education institutions inherently built on assumptions of epistemic universalism, is a multifaceted and challenging task. The project-practice of decolonization is especially complex in the classroom, as it requires a critical examination of the knowledge we produce and teach, how we access it, how we share it with others, and ultimately who gets access to that knowledge. Based on the research published in the book Decolonising English Studies from the Semi-periphery, this talk will begin by surveying the historical and political origins of the idea of decolonizing the university, tracing its emergence at the University of Cape Town in South Africa in 2015, and how it quickly gained traction and spread across various universities. Despite its rapid growth, decolonization has also faced skepticism within academic circles, largely due to the speed at which it has gained prominence and the institutional "quick fixes" it has produced. Given that specific geopolitical contexts must be considered when responding to global calls for decolonizing the university, this presentation will also delve into the semi-peripheral position of Portugal in the world-system and, specifically, the unique perspective that comes with researching and teaching English culture and literature in a southern European country.

Fecha y hora
15 March 2023 17:00-18:00 CET


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