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The University of Huelva is a young dynamic institution, striving for excellence  and a brilliant future for its 13.000 students. Our motto is Sapere Aude – Dare to  Know. Since the university gained its independence from Seville University in  1993 it has continued to grow and we now have a brand new campus with  modern facilities and installations. Students can choose from a wide range of  both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees and diplomas within our schools  and faculties with an increasing number of subjects taught in English.    The University is spread over four sites. The main and newest campus is El  Carmen, to the north of the city where the Faculties of Experimental Sciences, Law, Humanities, Education Sciences,  Labour Sciences, the School of Nursing and the School of Social Work can be found as well as state of the art computing  facilities and the central library. The Faculty of Business Science is housed in a building of architectural merit next to the  cathedral in the heart of the city centre and is known as La Merced. The Polytechnic is strategically located to the west at  La Rabida, high on a hill overlooking the Tinto estuary and the city’s industrial areas where strong links have been formed  with the University. The University General Registry and administrative centre is located in Cantero Cuadrado.
THE UNIVERSITY OF HUELVA University of Huelva 24th International SEDERI Conference