FP7 - JRA & Networking


Front End Electronics, Data Acquisition and Control Command


           The Synergy Group for Front End Electronics (FEE), Data Acquisition (DAC) and Control Command (CC) is organising a working meeting leading towards the development/submission of Networking and JRA for the FP7. The objective is to assemble the needs with regards the  FEE, DAC & CC  for future generation nuclear physics instrumentation to establish the network and  propose a  work program with deliverables.  

We would like at least one person from each of the different instrumentation programs (AGATA, EXL, R3B, HYDE, ELISE, HISPEC, DESPEC, FAZIA, GASPARD, PARIS, …) to attend. She or he  could present the options being considered on the FEE, DAC & CC. Items like detector category (TPC, Solid State, ADP …), channel count, type of measure (Time, Sampling, Energy, Decay Tagging, …) & their control, dynamic ranges,  local-trigger, dead-time requirements, data rates etc will be discussed and catalogued. Accessibility to the electronic hardware, volume constrains, cable constrains, temperature stability as well as the security, reliability etc are factors of importance.

Issues which stand to be discussed –