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The Arab World in the US


The Fall 2006 issue of AMERICAN@ welcomes submissions on the possible impact, reactions, and representations of and by the Arab community in the USA , its influence on US national identity and sociocultural landscape, and possible parallelisms with the creation of other historical internal suspects (religious, political, territorial, ethnic, etc).

We are interested in original academic essays analyzing literature, films, music, press, and other cultural manifestations on this topic, which contributors may email as an attached document to before October 31, 2006 . For more information about submissions, please check AMERICAN@ 's website at


This is a possible but not exhaustive list of topics. Other themes/topics are encouraged and welcome.

- Arabs in American art and media.
- Arab drama, poetry, and prose in the U.S.
- The social and cultural consequences of Arab immigration to the US

- Arabs in the U.S. after the 9/11 attacks.
- Arab political, religious, ethnic, linguistic, and sexual identity in the U.S.