Sometimes Clocks Turn Back for Us to Move Forward: Reflections on Black and Indigenous Geographies

  • Nadine Chambers University of London


Settler colonialism, Black geographies, Indigenous geographies, Decolonization, Caribbean Studies, Indigenous Studies


In the 1950s two kinds of dispossession in Jamaica and British Columbia occurred through a transnational mining operation and remain in the shape of tailings ponds and a smelter- co-constituting a ‘networked isolation’. A quest to reveal the joint impact anchors this ‘contra-histoire’ (Million, 2009) in an attempt bridge the divide between Black Studies and Indigenous Studies (Leroy, 2016). Moving counter-clockwise through time, I weave Black Caribbean and Indigenous literature and academic texts with an embodied sense of geography and belonging to undo what I call ‘the afterlife of an introduction through white colonial disciplinarity’.


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