International Tandem – Conversation Exchange

Cada año llegan alumnos internacionales a nuestra universidad. El programa Tándem Internacional pretende organizar contactos entre alumnos visitantes y alumnos locales.

Puede que estudien la misma carrera y a lo mejor van a clase juntos, pero también pueden compartir intereses comunes y practicar idiomas. En fin, cada Tándem decide lo que puede sacar de la experiencia.

A través de estas actividades se pretende integrar al alumno internacional en la vida universitaria onubense. Si quieres que nuestros invitados se sientan bienvenidos, apúntate al programa.

Si quieres apuntarte al programa, rellena el formulario.


Tandem is a bicycle designed for two riders both involved in getting forward. Tandem is therefore the bicycle among various language learning approaches - it is cheap, individual and ecological. It is a communicative as well as an intercultural approach as it gives the opportunity to both learners to gain more insight into each other's culture by direct communication. A Tandem language exchange is the best way of improving your language skills and achieving fluency. You can practice Spanish with a University of Huelva Tandem partner who in turn wants to learn your native* language. This is the best way of practicing your second language, learning about the cultural aspects related to that language and building up worldwide friendship. Find your Tandem partners by filling in the form. We will put you in touch with those who want to learn your language. You will then meet with your Tandem partners and help each other practice and learn the languages you are interested in.

* Native or advanced level of competency

Formulario de Inscripción

Nombre / First Name:
Apellidos / Surnames:
D.N.I. / Identification Number:
Tutulación / studies:
Lengua Materna / Native Language:
Idioma que quiero prácticar / Language I´d like to practice:
Hobis o aficiones / Hobbies and interests: