Catálisis Homogénea

Pedro J. Pérez

Professor of  Inorganic Chemistry

Educational Background

B Sc Chemistry Universidad de Sevilla, Spain, 1987


Ph.D. Universidad de Sevilla, 1991

Ph.D. advisor: Ernesto Carmona


MEC-Fulbright Posdoctoral Fellow University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Postdoctoral advisor: Maurice Brookhart





2016 Gold Medal Royal Society of Chemistry of Spain

2015 Homogeneous Catalysis Award of the Royal Society of Chemistry

2014 Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Spain (National, Corresponding)

2014 Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry

2007 Inorganic Chemistry Award, Royal Society of Chemistry of Spain



Professional and university appointments


Vice-Rector for Research and Scientific Policies, Universidad de Huelva (2016-)

Director of the Research Program, Universidad de Huelva (1997-2000)

Director of Graduate School, Universidad de Huelva (1997-1999)

Head of the Department of Chemistry, Universidad de Huelva (2001-2006)

Programme Officer, Inorganic Chemistry Area, Spanish National Agency for Evaluation (2006-2008 and 2015)

Programme Officer, Chemistry, Andalusian Agency for Evaluation (2006-2011)

Chemical Industry Chair, Universidad de Huelva (2007-)

Director of the Center for Research in Sustainable Chemistry (CIQSO), Universidad de Huelva (2010-)



Professional societies


Real Sociedad Española de Química

American Chemical Society

Royal Society of Chemistry

American Association for the Advancement of Science



Biographical sketch


Pedro J. Pérez was born in Aroche (Huelva, Spain) in 1965. He received a B. Sc. (Licenciatura) in Chemistry  from Universidad de  Sevilla in 1987 and later a Ph. D. degree from the same University in 1991 under the direction of Prof. Ernesto Carmona. As a Fulbright Scholar, he then joined Prof. Brookhart’s group at UNC-Chapel Hill (USA). He started an appointment as Assistant Professor at the Universidad de Huelva (Spain) , where he has been promoted several times until the current Professorship in Inorganic Chemistry (since 2005).


Prof. Perez’s work is devoted to the development of late transition-metal complexes as catalysts for transformations involving hydrocarbons. Several catalytic systems have been described for the selective cyclopropanation of olefins and the catalytic functionalization of unreactive alkanes, among others. The latter has been achieved by means of the metal catalyzed transfer of carbene. Nitrene or oxo units to the alkane or arene C-H bond. Also, novel reactions toward the synthesis of oxazoles, triazoles or dihidropyridines have emerged from his lab.



Centro de Investigación en Química Sostenible (CIQSO)

Edificio Robert H Grubbs, Campus de El Carmen

Universidad de Huelva

21007 Huelva