Effect of low intensity static magnetic field on purified water in stationary condition: Ultraviolet absorbance and contact angle experimental studies

Dueñas J.A. Weiland C. Nunez M.A. Ruiz-Rodriguez F.J.
Journal of Applied Physics
Doi 10.1063/1.5132420
Volumen 127
Citas: 0
© 2020 Author(s).This work focused its attention on the effect of a low intensity static magnetic field on purified water: more specifically, on how the ultraviolet absorbance and the surface tension of the water may be affected. It has been found that pure water, exposed to a magnetic field for periods of time, does not absorb the ultraviolet radiation in an asymptotic way but shows a local maximum at 15 min. It is also shown that the contact angle of droplets on paraffin can be reduced by up to 5 ° by exposing the water to a 10 mT static magnetic field.
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