Dynamical fission of the quasiprojectile and isospin equilibration for the system Kr 80 + Ca 48 at 35 MeV/nucleon

Piantelli S. Casini G. Ono A. Poggi G. Pastore G. Barlini S. Boiano A. Bonnet E. Borderie B. Bougault R. Bruno M. Buccola A. Camaiani A. Chbihi A. Cicerchia M. Cinausero M. D'Agostino M. Degerlier M. Dueñas J.A. Fable Q. Fabris D. Frankland J.D. Frosin C. Gramegna F. Gruyer D. Henri M. Kordyasz A. Kozik T. Le Neindre N. Lombardo I. Lopez O. Mantovani G. Marchi T. Morelli L. Olmi A. Ottanelli P. Parlog M. Pasquali G. Stefanini A.A. Tortone G. Upadhyaya S. Valdre S. Verde G. Vient E. Vigilante M. Alba R. Maiolino C.
Physical Review C
Doi 10.1103/PhysRevC.101.034613
Volumen 101
Citas: 0
© 2020 American Physical Society.Experimental results concerning the dynamical fission of quasiprojectiles in semiperipheral collisions for the system Kr80+Ca48 at 35 MeV/nucleon are presented. Data have been collected with four blocks of the FAZIA setup in the first physics experiment of the FAZIA Collaboration. The degree of isospin equilibration between the two fission fragments and its dependence on their charge asymmetry is investigated. The data are compared with the results of the AMD model coupled to GEMINI as an afterburner, in order to get hints about the timescale of the process.
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