Viewmed is a web tool that helps the user to define their information needs, to know how to express better to search string through the visual aid of a graph that shows related concepts to an initial concept. It is based on UMLS Metathesaurus (accessed through a web service) and on Freebase (accessed through the API and MQL). With the information from the ontologies builds a XML intermediate file, from which the applet is generated with the graph of mecical concepts.

CLUMMED (CLUstering on Mobile MEdical Devices)

The clustering of documents provides a mechanism for effective and intuitive navigation through the organization of the recovery results. When the system returns a large number of documents, organizing them in a small number of groups is very useful, especially on mobile devices with reduced screens. CLUMMED is a retrieval system for biomedical domain with post-retrieval clustering based in Lucene and Weka (K-Means algorithm).

AsGeRe (Asistente para la generación de Resúmenes)

AsGeRe is an application that supports the manual extractive summarization, focusing on the biomedical field. These summaries are called Gold Standard and are necessary in the evaluation process of automatic summaries generation systems to establish a benchmark.
The application is able to preprocess the text, identify biomedical concepts included, identify the language, divide the text into sentences and shows the frequency distribution of the concepts that appear, as support for the creation of the summary.