What is energy?
Energy sources
Forms of energy
Measuring energy
Energy transfers
Mechanical energy
Heat and temperature
Light and sound
Chemical reactions



      1.      What is energy?

2.      Where do we get energy from?

a) The energy of foods

3.      Forms of energy:

a)      Light energy

b)      Electrical energy

c)      Heat or thermal energy

d)      Sound energy

e)      Kinetic energy

f)        Chemical energy

g)      Gravitational potential energy

h)      Elastic potential energy

4.      Measuring energy

5.      Energy transfers

a)      Energy transfer diagrams

b)      Energy flow

6.      Mechanical energy

a)      Kinetic energy

b)      Potential energy

7.      Heat and temperature

a)      Temperature scales

b)      Heat transfer: conduction, convection and radiation

8.      Light and sound

a)      How light is produced

b)      The speed of light

c)      How sound is produced

d)      The speed of sound

9.      Energy and chemical reactions

a)      Exothermic reactions

b)      Endothermic  reactions

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