Research Group | Grupo de Investigación RNM 348

Research Lines

Our research lines are involved in the Environmental Physics area, being specifically related to Environmental Radioactivity (measuring and applications).

The main research lines are:
  1. Characterization and classification of inorganic waste by Physical, Chemical, and Radioactive methods.
  2. Recycling and valorization of waste in Civil Engineering: cements production, ceramics, thermal isolation, etc..
  3. Radiological evaluation of NORM (Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials) waste, human activities, and industries.
  4. Consulting services in radiation safety, and environmental radiological risk assessment.
  5. Measurement of radionuclides activity concentrations in several kinds of samples (foods, sediments, waters, industrial waste, filters, etc.)
    by radiometric methods: alpha-particle spectrometry with PIPS detectors, gamma spectrometry with Ge detectors, very low-background
    gas proportional counters, Liquid Scintillation Counting.
  6. Uses of radionuclides as tracers of environmental processes: dating, marine scavenging, residence times of atmospheric aerosols, etc..
  7. Measurement, behavior, and modeling of radon for its use as tracer of air masses dynamics.
  8. Atmospheric modeling with WRF code (Weather Research Forecasting), and application to the air pollutants dispersion.


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