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Martes 21 de Mayo de 2024
Nonperturbative QCD 2016

fisum CPAN

  • Welcome to the web page of the Sevilla NPQCD2016 Workshop .
  • Very useful information about how to get the conference venue from the hotels and about the accommodation details of the participants has just been added.
  • An updated version for the scientific program is now available in the web site.


This will be a meeting on Nonperturbative aspects of QCD and Hadro-Particle Physics (locally) organized by the Nuclear and Particle Physics research group at the Universities of Huelva (UHU), Hispalense (USE) and Pablo de Olavide (UPO) in Sevilla.

This meeting aims to bring together experts in Nuclear, Hadron and Particle Physics in order to facilitate the communication, and discern and highlight those features of their common foundation which should provide a means of bridging the gap between the fundamental interactions between elementary particles and an explanation of nuclear forces.

1st circular

Click on the image to download the first circular