The challenge of consolidation: ET journal into a new decade


After a decade, ET journal will continue its journey at a turbulent time as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has caused an unprecedented shock in everything concerning travel and tourism. Deep changes are to come in a competitive landscape that is being significantly reshaped, and in an accelerated way, by the revolution caused by the convergence of new technological developments, efforts to mitigate climate change impacts, the application of circular economy principles, etc., in short, by the new traction gained by environmental and social sustainability. The current crisis and the post-pandemic scenario pose a huge opportunity for researchers to contribute to these grand challenges, unravelling its countless implications from different theoretical perspectives, methodologies and disciplines that are called to join forces.

With your renovated support, we hope that ET journal can consolidate a reputation in this domain based on the scientific rigour of its published manuscripts, as well as because of their implications, to illuminate worldwide tourism and hospitality transformation.

Thus, you and your team members' contributions, as authors and reviewers, will be essential, together with your help in the dissemination of this journal.

A new time is about to start.

Alfonso Vargas-Sánchez
Editor in Chief of Enlightening Tourism. A Pathmaking Journal