Title: Enlightening Tourism
ISSN / E-ISSN: / 2174-548X
Publisher: Universidad de Huelva

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The second-semester issue had been always launched in December. Nevertheless, today (September 30th) is the day of my retirement from Huelva University and the day I leave the journal I promoted and started 12 years ago, at zero cost for everyone, including the University. This is why on this particular occasion this issue is released earlier.

In this emotional moment, it is more than fair to mention my three main, loyal and generous collaborators during all this time (in alphabetical order): Dr Anestis Fotiadis (Zayed University, United Arab Emirates), Dr Brendan Paddison (York St John University, United Kingdom) and Dr Mirko Perano (University of Salerno, Italy). They have been a blessing for me and the journal.

There is no journal without authors, reviewers and readers. My gratitude to all of them, particularly for the altruistic effort carried out by reviewers from all over the globe serving the tourism academic community. Counting on them was a privilege.

I hope (although this does not depend on me) that you will be notified soon about the new person/s in charge and how the future of the journal will be.

I take advantage of this final opportunity to say goodbye and, from the bottom of my heart, thank you to those of you who have helped in any sense (including, obviously, the Publishing Service of Huelva University), even simply showing your interest in the ET journal. Finally, my apologies in case of any mistake made or inconvenience caused.

Receive my best wishes,

Alfonso Vargas-Sánchez


As perhaps you have noticed, our journal (ET) has jumped up to Q3 in the Scopus listing. This is a small step forward, but in relative terms is very significant considering that this has happened in three years only, the modesty of our available resources, and, as an open-access journal that belongs to a public university, its vocation of providing a service of quality and free of charge for everybody.

Undoubtedly, this has been possible mainly because of you, authors, reviewers and readers. And your future contributions will continue to be essential for making further progress in favour of the world tourism academic community and the tourism industry in general. Therefore, receive my gratitude for having made this a reality and for keeping your support to allow us to advance in the years to come and be a little bit better every day.

We want to have you on board, counting on you.

P.S.1: Our next issue is almost ready and, as usual, will be launched in June. Please, one more time, help us in its dissemination once it is released.

P.S.2: Shortly, I hope before 30 September 2022, you will be notified about the UHU's appointment of a new editor-in-chief for this journal. After 12 years (and one more devoted to its preparation, since I was its promoter) of harder and harder work, it is time for opening a new stage, for the journal and myself. This has been my personal decision, whose responsibility is mine only. Meanwhile, I'll go on managing the journal and everything will be run normally.

Alfonso Vargas-Sánchez - Editor in Chief


Once published in this journal, authors are permitted and encouraged to post their papers online (e.g., in academic/scientific repositories or in their websites), as this can lead to a greater number of citations.

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2020 SJR (SCImago Journal & Country Rank)

I am pleased to share the Journal Impact Growth highlighted by the recently published SJR 2020, based on Scopus data.

· The 2020 SJR becomes 0.201, which is an improvement over the 2019 SJR, which was 0.128.

· The citations per document metric (2 years) has also increased from 0.333 in 2019 to 1.462 in 2020.

· Although still in the Q4 quartile, the journal improves its position in the area in which it is indexed, "Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality Management", from 108 in 2019 to 103 in 2020.

There is still a long way ahead, but these positive results would not have been possible without the efforts of our authors, reviewers, readers and all of you in general. We would like to thank your important contributions.

I am confident that we can continue to count on your support and, so, the journal can go on its positive evolution, despite our modesty and the constraints we have.

Alfonso Vargas-Sánchez
Editor in Chief of Enlightening Tourism. A Pathmaking Journal

The challenge of consolidation: ET journal into a new decade

After a decade, ET journal will continue its journey at a turbulent time as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has caused an unprecedented shock in everything concerning travel and tourism. Deep changes are to come in a competitive landscape that is being significantly reshaped, and in an accelerated way, by the revolution caused by the convergence of new technological developments, efforts to mitigate climate change impacts, the application of circular economy principles, etc., in short, by the new traction gained by environmental and social sustainability. The current crisis and the post-pandemic scenario pose a huge opportunity for researchers to contribute to these grand challenges, unravelling its countless implications from different theoretical perspectives, methodologies and disciplines that are called to join forces.

With your renovated support, we hope that ET journal can consolidate a reputation in this domain based on the scientific rigour of its published manuscripts, as well as because of their implications, to illuminate worldwide tourism and hospitality transformation.

Thus, you and your team members' contributions, as authors and reviewers, will be essential, together with your help in the dissemination of this journal.

A new time is about to start.

Alfonso Vargas-Sánchez
Editor in Chief of Enlightening Tourism. A Pathmaking Journal