As perhaps you have noticed, our journal (ET) has jumped up to Q3 in the Scopus listing. This is a small step forward, but in relative terms is very significant considering that this has happened in three years only, the modesty of our available resources, and, as an open-access journal that belongs to a public university, its vocation of providing a service of quality and free of charge for everybody.

Undoubtedly, this has been possible mainly because of you, authors, reviewers and readers. And your future contributions will continue to be essential for making further progress in favour of the world tourism academic community and the tourism industry in general. Therefore, receive my gratitude for having made this a reality and for keeping your support to allow us to advance in the years to come and be a little bit better every day.

We want to have you on board, counting on you.

P.S.1: Our next issue is almost ready and, as usual, will be launched in June. Please, one more time, help us in its dissemination once it is released.

P.S.2: Shortly, I hope before 30 September 2022, you will be notified about the UHU's appointment of a new editor-in-chief for this journal. After 12 years (and one more devoted to its preparation, since I was its promoter) of harder and harder work, it is time for opening a new stage, for the journal and myself. This has been my personal decision, whose responsibility is mine only. Meanwhile, I'll go on managing the journal and everything will be run normally.

Alfonso Vargas-Sánchez - Editor in Chief