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Professor Halpern received his Ph.D. at Yale in 1983, and taught  at Yale, the University of Colorado at Boulder, the University of  California at Berkeley, and Johns Hopkins University before  arriving at New York University. He is Erich Maria Remarque  Professor of English at New York Unviersity. He is the author of four books: Norman Rockwell: The Underside  of Innocence (2006); Shakespeare’s Perfume: Sodomy and  Sublimity in Shakespeare, Wilde, Freud and Lacan (2002);  Shakespeare among the Moderns (1997); and The Poetics of  Primitive Accumulation: English Renaissance Culture and the  Genealogy of Capital (1991). He is currently at work on a book  about tragedy and political economy. Professor Halpern's interests include sixteenth- and seventeenth- century literature, especially drama; Shakespeare; modernism;  literary theory, especially Marxist and psychoanalytic;  aesthetics; science and literature.
Richard Halpern University of Huelva 24th International SEDERI Conference