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Some Mini-Howtos of Interest
Chapter 2 - Network and Navigators

2.1 Running multiple firefox instances

In order to execute firefox (mozilla or iceweasel) from a machine that is different to the local box while running firefox locally the program should be launched as:

     firefox -no-remote

2.2 Electronic signature with iceweasel

In order to sign documents of the Junta de AndalucĂ­a or Universidad de Huelvawith firefox (mozilla or iceweasel) the following steps should be accomplished. This has been tested with the electronic administration website of the UHU (www.uhu.es/ae)

First a certificate from the FNMT accrediting the identity of the person who is going to sign the document should be among the certificates available to the navigator. If it is not so, it should be imported (Preferences -> Advanced -> Encryption -> View Certificates -> Import).

Once this is done the package[6]sun-java6-plugin should be installed and the navigator should be restarted after its installation.

The files jss33.jar and libjss3.so have to be downloaded. A page is opened with the instructions when the navigator detects its absence. They have to be copied with the appropriate permissions to the right plugin directory

     # chmod 644 jss33.jar
     # cp jss33.jar /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun/jre/lib/ext/
     # chmod 755 libjss3.so
     # cp libjss3.so /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun/jre/lib/i386/client/

Once this is done the electronic administration page should allow us to fill the form and (hopefully) to sign it.

2.3 Some tips to access the web using the console

The original console web browser is lynx. In order to avoid questions inquiring whether you accept or not cookies it can be invoked using the option

     $ lynx -accept_all_cookies

Another interesting option is -dump. When using this option the program writes the lynx output and writes it to the standard output. More modern and flexible is the links browser, that can be used in text mode but also can be compiled to be accessed from a graphical display (option -g). The -dump option is also available. A strictly text replacement for lynx (and more modern) is Elinks with several interesting options.

In order to download an off line copy of some web pages, so you can browse them later offline you can use curl, that can upload or download data from to or from a server. You can specify multiple URL's by ranges as in the following two examples

     $ curl http://site.(s1,s2,s3).org
     $ curl http://site.s[1-3].org

The copy of an entire site can be done using wget

     $ wget -k -r -p http://www.interesting_site.org

The option -r recurses through the site links starting from http://www.interesting_site.org/index.html. The -k option make the links relative allowing the correct navigation through the downloaded pages. The -p option downloads all extra content on the page. This order makes a true mirror of a site in your computer.

Finally, the program wput uploads contents to internet using FTP as an interface and with a syntax like the wget one.

2.3.1 References

  1. Upfront, Linux Journal, issue 197, September 2010

2.4 Make files in a directory downloadable from a web server

In order that files can be listed downloaded when accessing a directory on a webserver the following line should be added to the .htaccess file

     Options +Indexes

Be warned that the contents of all subdirectories of the directory will also be listable and downloadable...

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Some Mini-Howtos of Interest

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