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Some Mini-Howtos of Interest
Chapter 10 - Miscelanea

10.1 Compute the average from the results of Moodle test grading

The starting point is a set of txt files with the grading obtained by students in Moodle. This set should include all students, not only the students that have participated in the test. The format of these files[16] is like the one in the following example

     XXX XXXXXX XX  29 de January de 2009, 11:27	17 minutos 40 segundos	7

For those students that did not participate in the test, the format is the following

     XXX XXXXXX XX       -       -       -

The name of the files with the results are test_i.txt with i = 1, 2, 3. The number of files is not limited in principle. The following perl oneliner extract the required info, computes the average students' grade, and save the output in a CSV file format

     perl -e 'while (<>) {
     $v{$1}+=$2 if (/^(.*)\b\s+\d+\s+de.*s\s+(\d+).*$/);
     $v{$1}+=0 if (/^(.*)\b\s+-\s+-\s+-.*$/);}; 
     foreach (sort keys(%v)) { print "$_ ;",$v{$_}/3,"\n"}' \
     test_1.txt test_2.txt test_3 .txt  > grades.csv

10.2 Splitting in two lines a cell content in Openoffice/simpress

From OpenOffice Calc's help pages

Writing multi-line text:

  1. The Ctrl+Enter key combination inserts a manual line break. This shortcut only works directly in the cell, not in the input line.

  1. If you want the text to automatically break at the right border of the cell, proceed as follows: select all the cells where you want the text to break at the right border, and in Format - Cells - Alignment, mark the Automatic line break option and click OK.

10.3 Solving BADSIG errors in UBUNTU (Oneiric Ocelot)

Added on January 18th, 2012.

In Oneiric Ocelot, for reasons unknown to me, errors concerning the signature key plage the software update process. For example, the output obtained updating with apt-get with this problem is

     $ sudo apt-get update
     Ign http://archive.canonical.com oneiric/partner Translation-en_US
     Ign http://extras.ubuntu.com oneiric/main Translation-en                                        
     Hit http://sunsite.rediris.es oneiric-updates Release                                           
     Ign http://archive.canonical.com oneiric/partner Translation-en      
     Hit http://sunsite.rediris.es oneiric-backports Release                                          
     Hit http://sunsite.rediris.es oneiric-security Release                                           
     Ign http://sunsite.rediris.es oneiric-security Release                                           
     Hit http://sunsite.rediris.es oneiric/main Sources                                               
     Hit http://sunsite.rediris.es oneiric/restricted Sources                  
     Hit http://sunsite.rediris.es oneiric/universe Sources
     Hit http://sunsite.rediris.es oneiric/multiverse Sources
     Hit http://sunsite.rediris.es oneiric/main i386 Packages
     Hit http://sunsite.rediris.es oneiric/restricted i386 Packages
     Hit http://sunsite.rediris.es oneiric/universe i386 Packages
     Hit http://sunsite.rediris.es oneiric/multiverse i386 Packages
     Hit http://sunsite.rediris.es oneiric/main TranslationIndex
     Hit http://sunsite.rediris.es oneiric/multiverse TranslationIndex
     Hit http://sunsite.rediris.es oneiric/restricted TranslationIndex
     Hit http://sunsite.rediris.es oneiric/universe TranslationIndex
     Hit http://sunsite.rediris.es oneiric-updates/main Sources
     Hit http://sunsite.rediris.es oneiric-updates/restricted Sources
     Hit http://sunsite.rediris.es oneiric-updates/universe Sources            
     Hit http://sunsite.rediris.es oneiric-updates/multiverse Sources          
     Hit http://sunsite.rediris.es oneiric-updates/main i386 Packages
     Hit http://sunsite.rediris.es oneiric-updates/restricted i386 Packages
     Get:2 http://sunsite.rediris.es oneiric-updates/universe i386 Packages [82.3 kB]
     99% [2 Packages bzip2 0 B] [Waiting for headers] [Waiting for headers]
     bzip2: Data integrity error when decompressing.
             Input file = (stdin), output file = (stdout)
     It is possible that the compressed file(s) have become corrupted.
     You can use the -tvv option to test integrity of such files.
     You can use the `bzip2recover' program to attempt to recover
     data from undamaged sections of corrupted files.
     Get:3 http://sunsite.rediris.es oneiric-updates/multiverse i386 Packages [4,976 B]

In order to fix this error follow the instructions below. Notice that this implies moving directories and removing recursively as superuser. Be extremely cautious...

In first place you open an interactive session as superuser and download the public key from the Ubuntu key server.

     $ sudo -i
     # apt-key adv --recv-key --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com 40976EAF437D05B5

Then proceed to make a backup copy of some directories and remove part of the stored info (remember, do not take the name of root in vain...)

     # cp -arf /var/lib/dpkg /var/lib/dpkg.backup
     # cp /var/lib/dpkg/status-old /var/lib/dpkg/status
     # cp /var/lib/dpkg/available-old /var/lib/dpkg/available
     # rm -rf /var/lib/dpkg/updates/*
     # rm -rf /var/lib/apt/lists

Create the lists/partial directory, clean the cache and update again.

     # mkdir -p /var/lib/apt/lists/partial
     # apt-get clean
     # apt-get update

This should be enough to fix the BADSIG problem. Hopefully.

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Some Mini-Howtos of Interest

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