Some Mini-Howtos of Interest


There should be a way to do this from a user's perspective and not editing a general file for the system (TO DO).


It is also possible to rename the partition using a graphical interface such as gparted.


Please, note that the packages syslinux and mtools have to be installed to be able to run syslinux.


Backports are recompiled packages from testing (mostly) and unstable (in a few cases only, e.g. security updates), so they will run without new libraries (wherever it is possible) on a stable Debian distribution. I recommend you to pick out single backports which fits your needs, and not to use all backports available here (from


In Debian systems it is necessary to install the mbr package to have access to this tool.


Written for Debian Lenny.


The IP value can also be used instead of the computer's hostname.


It is interesting to prefix the macros with your initials or your username to prevent conflicts.


From Wikipedia: In character encoding terminology, a code point or code position is any of the numerical values that make up the code space. For example, ASCII comprises 128 code points in the range 0hex to 7Fhex, Extended ASCII comprises 256 code points in the range 0hex to FFhex, and Unicode comprises 1,114,112 code points in the range 0hex to 10FFFFhex.


There are other possibilities. Check the References.


CPU seconds is, in UNIX terms, the user time plus the system time of the process itself, as opposed to the real (wallclock) time and the time spent by the child processes.


For an explanation of the different times reported check this link Process time


Please, note that the subroutine is not optimized and could take a long time for a large number of data due to an inefficient sort algorithm.


You can check the available locales in the file /etc/locale.gen.


Note that we added the option -depth 8 to avoid the image depth to be changed to 16, the default system value.


The Moodle output is formatted using UTF-8, thus it may be necessary to convert, using emacs, to latin-1 formatting.

Some Mini-Howtos of Interest

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