Pablo Picasso, La Minotauromachie, 1935

Gauthier Liberman is Maître de Conférences de latin habilité à diriger des recherches at the University of Paris X. He was born in Strasbourg (1964). He has studied and researched in Dijon, Rome and Paris. He has been devoted to studying the transmission and the text of various Greek and Latin authors, especially Valerius Flaccus, Pseudo-Seneca, Alcaeus, Pindarus and Statius, among many other authors and themes. He has given numerous lectures and led seminars on the  authors he has studied  and on his research areas (transmission, codicology, papyrology, textual criticism, Greek and Latin metrics).

Gauthier Liberman is responsible for editing and textual commentary of Book VIII for the Research Project of Ovid's Metamorphoses.