Pythagoras (detail) in Raphael's School of Athens 1510-11.

Georg Luck was born on February 17, 1926 in Bern, Switzerland. He studied Theology, Classics and Archaeology at the Universities of Bern, Paris and Harvard. He served in the Swiss Army, first as a volunteer during World War II, then as an infantry officer in a mountain brigade. He taught at the Universities of Yale, Brown, Harvard, Mainz, Bonn and Johns Hopkins. In 1961 he was granted the Venia Legendi in Mainz, and in 1962 he was appointed Professor Ordinarius of Classics at Bonn. In 1990 he retired as Professor Emeritus at Johns Hopkins. For twelve years he served as Editor of the American Journal of Philology. He was invited as Visiting Professor by the Universities of Berlin (West), Harvard, Brown, California (Los Angeles) and Fribourg (Switzerland). He delivered lectures at the Universities of Bruxelles, Cambridge (England), Columbia, Florida (Gainsville), Harvard, Helsinki, Huelva, Illinois (Urbana), Innsbruck, Leeds, London, Murcia, North Carolina (Chapel Hill), Sevilla, Texas (Austin), Washington (Seattle), Yale, Cáceres (Extremadura) and Pablo de Olavide (Sevilla).
Luck is married to Harriet Richards Greenough (since 1957) and has two daughters, Annina and Stephanie, and a son, Hans. His main recreation is playing the guitar.

Main publications:

BOOKS (selection)

  • Der Akademiker Antiochos (Bern 1953)
  • The Latin Love Elegy (London 1959, 2nd ed. 1969, reprint 1980). Spanish translation by Antonio García Herrera (Sevilla 1993).
  • Die römische Liebeselegie (Heidelberg 1961)
  • Ueber einige Interjektionen der lateinischen Umgangssprache (Heidelberg 1964)
  • Properz und Tibull: Liebeselegien (Zurich 1964, 2nd ed. 1996).
  • Ovid, Tristia. Introduction, text, German translation and commentary. 2 vols. (Heidelberg 1967-1978).
  • Arcana Mundi: Magic and the Occult in the Greek and Roman Worlds (Baltimore 1985, reprint 1986, 2nd ed. 2006. Italian translation by Agata Rapisardi and Cinzia Mascheroni, Milan 1994; Spanish translation by Elena Gallego Moya and Miguel E. Pérez Molina, Madrid 1995; 2nd Italian translation, with the original texts and additional notes by Claudio Tartaglini for the Fondazione Lorenzo Valla, Rome, vol. I, 1997, vol. II 1999).
  • Lucan: Der Bürgerkrieg. Introduction, text, German translation and notes. (Berlin 1986, reprint 1989).
  • Tibulli Carmina.New critical text, with apparatus and introduction (Teubner 1988, 2nd edition 1998)
  • Die Weisheit der Hunde. Texte der antiken Kyniker (Stuttgart 1997)
  • Ancient Pathways, Hidden Pursuits. Collected Papers on religion, morals and magic in the Ancient World (U. of Michigan 2000)
  • Opera Minora Selecta (U. of Huelva 2002). With a Vita and a list of publications up to 2000.


  • Ca. 130 in the main professional journals


  • Ca. 75 in the main professional journals.

Georg Luck is responsible for the edition and textual commentary on book XV for the Research Project Las Metamorfosis de Ovidio.