“On behalf of the whole University of Huelva community, we are delighted to welcome you all to our University and city, wishing you a productive academic stay and a rewarding and long-life experience.

It is an enormous pleasure, but also a huge responsibility, to receive students from more than 50 countries and four different continents. You are now part of an internationally rich and diverse student body of over 13,000 students.

The University of Huelva is a place that respects ideas, values diversity of thought and experience and, perhaps most importantly, recognizes that what defines great scholarship is not the easy acceptance of what we already know, but the relentless determination to discover what we still have to learn. Hence our university motto: “Sapere aude”… Dare to know.

So dare to know, and dare to discover also Huelva province with its rich history, superb beaches, nice warm weather, delicious cuisine and very friendly and welcoming people. We sincerely hope to fulfil your expectations by providing you with high quality academic and teaching standards.

My staff and us wish you the very best throughout the year. We look forward to getting to know you better in the months ahead.

Kind regards and best wishes”.
Reyes Alejano Monge, Vicerrector of Internationalization and Mª Teresa Aceytuno Pérez, Head of the International Office

About Huelva

The province of Huelva is situated in the South-West corner of Spain, with Portugal to the West, Seville and Cádiz to the East, Extremadura to the North and the Atlantic Ocean to the South. The capital city of the same name boasts an enviable position nestling between the estuaries of the Rivers Tinto and Odiel. The city is a short drive away from the province’s spectacular 120-kilometre coast - line of fine sandy beaches. With more than 120 Km. of beautiful sandy beaches lined with Mediterranean pine forests, Doñana National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and Bio - sphere Reserve is situated in the province of Huelva.

Huelva, whose history dates back to Phoenician times, was the starting point of the first expedition of Columbus to the New World in 1492. Today, you can visit the Monastery of La Rabida and Muelle de la Carabelas at the Christopher Columbus Heritage Site.

Huelva is a coastal city with a very mild climate. Winters in Huelva are moderate, with temperatures averaging 10- 20º C, rarely dropping below 10º C. In Spring and Autumn temperatures range between 15- 25º C, while in June the average is 25- 33º C; during the Summer, daytime temperatures are often over 35º C. Evenings are cooler. Average rainfall for the region is normally low; nev - ertheless, it can, on occasions, rain torrentially during the autumn and spring months.

About IRO

The University of Huelva was founded in 1993 by popular demand. Since then its aim has been to provide quality teaching and research, as well as promoting economic, environmental and cultural developments in the city and province.

We are an international university that is committed to the region. Close links have been forged with local businesses, whereby students are offered work placements in order to facilitate their incorporation into the work force.

The research conducted by the University has a strong impact and directly benefits our community. Our staff is comprised of approximately one thousand lecturers and more than four hundred administrative and support staff. Almost 12,500 students attend the University of Huelva including about 1300 carrying out post graduate studies. Our unique environment combines with these features to make Huelva a distinctive university and a special place to be a student.

Information for international students

Information for visitinf staff

Study abroad fair

Nuestra Feria Internacional de Universidades es una magnífica oportunidad para que, tanto nuestro alumnado, como profesorado y personal de administración y servicios de nuestra universidad, puedan conocer en persona a nuestros socios y estrechar así los lazos que nos unen.

Tendrán la oportunidad de obtener información acerca de instituciones académicas internacionales socias, pedir información sobre intercambios y becas, y hablar tanto con representantes de las universidades socias como con estudiantes Erasmus+ egresados de la UHU.

Our International Abroad Fair is a magnificent opportunity for students, professorate, and administration and services staff meet our partners in person and thus strengthen the ties that unite us.

They will have the opportunity to obtain information about partner international academic institutions, request information about exchanges and scholarships, and talk to representatives of partner universities as well as to Erasmus + graduated students from UHU.