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The Research Center on “Natural Resources, Health and Environment” is a public center dedicated to research, development and technology transfer in which there are two Units with a common environmental axis. The two units are: “Natural Resources and Environment” and “Health and Environment”. In turn, these two Units are structured, respectively, in two and three laboratories with the following structure and designation:

Natural Resources and Environment Unit:

1.Waste Characterization and Recovery Laboratory

2. Laboratory of Geology and Environmental Management of Mineral Resources

Health and Environment Unit:

4. Laboratory of Environmental Analysis, Bioanalysis and Biotechnology

5. Laboratory on Determinants and Health Promotion

6. Neuroscience Laboratory

The interaction of man with the environment requires detailed knowledge of the processes that govern such interaction. Knowledge of the natural environment encompasses various facets to study, from the extraction and prospecting of natural resources, the preservation of the environment, and the interactions between the systems that determine the natural cycles and the effects on human health.

In recent years there has been a more applied orientation of the disciplines related to geological, biological, environmental terrestrial systems, among others, towards the search for answers to the great questions related to social needs. A dominant note of current research projects in Natural Resources, Health and Environment is the multidisciplinary nature.

With the creation of the Research Center on “Natural Resources, Health and Environment”, it is intended to respond to these multidisciplinary collaboration needs, combining the material and human resources available, fundamentally, in the Faculty of Experimental Sciences of the University of Huelva.

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