The research carried out by the Environmental and Bioanalytical Chemistry Unit (FQM-141) focus on the development and application of massive methodologies for analysis (omic sciences). The multidisciplinary research is in the frontier of bioanalytical chemistry, environmental sciences and biomedicine, and for this reason they develop numerous collaborations with other researchers.

The projects carried out focus on areas of social and economic interest like environment problems, food safety and health. The research lines are related with chemical speciation and multispeciation of metallic traces, metallomics, proteomics (heteroatom tagged proteomics), metabolomics, metagenomics and development of new instrumental couplings for analysis and analytical techniques for sample treatment.

The research group apply their analytical methodologies and approaches to environmental pollution studies, toxicology of conventional and emergent pollutants, the mother-offspring transfer at chemical (selenium, pollutants) and biological (microbiota) levels, the early diagnosis of diseases (Alzheimer´s disease and cancer), development of functional food and nutraceuticals, food safety and enhancement of industrial processes.

The Unit develop competitive projects from the Spanish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities, Regional Andalusian Government as well as private projects with companies.

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