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Miercoles 26 de Enero de 2022
Nonperturbative QCD 2012

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Hotel information

The organization has arranged some favorable agreement with the Tierra Mar Hotel for booking the participants. The hotel is located close (15 minutes by walking) to the CIECEM (the lecture's place).

For the booking, you should contact the organizers and indicate the conditions you preferred for the room (number of accompanying persons, if any, ...) and the days for your stay. A collective booking would allow for very interesting prices you can see below.

The prices arranged with the hotel administration are:

  • 40.50 euros/day/person (breakfast and lunch included);
  • 20.20 euros/day are to be supplemented in the case of single booking.
  • The organization will try to cover a 15-20 % of the hotel costs.


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