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Miercoles 26 de Enero de 2022
prospects for the detection or dark matter

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The conference will take place in the CIECEMA, located at the Matalacañas beach


in Almonte (Huelva, Spain)

(click on the map to zoom it)

and just in the border of the park of Doñana (a most important reservoir of migratory birds in Europe).

doñana doñana doñana

This link shows a map of the province of Huelva where one can see Doñana's park (Matalascañas is at the center of the map) and how it can be reached from Huelva or Sevilla.

Huelva is about 100 Km away from Sevilla (by freeway) and can be reached by bus (frequently: once one hour) or by train. Sevilla is well deserved by plane, its international airport being pretty connected (either directly or via Madrid or Barcelona) with most of the main cities: Paris, London, New York ...

Huelva can be also reached from the international airport of Faro (Portugal).

CIECEMA is an international center (motivated originally to develop enviromental studies) that belongs to the University of Huelva.

matalascañas matalascañas matalascañas

imagen de portada