This master aims at offering a good trainning to the students in the design and construction of high-technology instrumentation, used in particle accelerators, in nuclear power stations, radiotherapy and industrial applications, and scientific instrumentation devoted to fundamental research.

This master has a strong practical trainning part. In the course of the master, the students will carry out projects in the laboratories at the University of Huelva and in collaborating facilities. In this way, the students will be familiar with radiation detectors, dosimetry, particles accelerators, distribution and production of electric power, etc. Therefore it intends to give a strong background to the students. Some aspects of special relevance are the following:
  1. General aspects of the design and construction of instrumentation, i.e. fundamentals of nuclear engineering, nuclear instrumentation, control systems and automatic, power electronics, and simulations.
  2. Design and construction of particle accelerators and radiation detectors.
  3. Technology and instrumentation related to the production, distribution and control of electrical power.
  4. Risk assessments associated to the applications of radiation: energy production, industry, medicine (diagnosis and therapy).
  5. New alternatives for the production of nuclear energy.
  6. Nuclear Medicine and radiotherapy.
  7. Instrumentation and techniques based on particle accelerators for the analysis and characterization of materials.