Prospective Students

This master is oriented to graduate students from engineering schools or science faculties. It is also suitable for people with working experience in the fields of medical physics or nuclear instrumentation.


This master of Engineering and Nuclear Instrumentation is suitable to join, after graduation, companies and institutes working on the design, construction and maintenance of high-technology instrumentation for fundamental research (particle accelerators, syncrotron radiation), industrial applications and hospitals (biology, equipment for analysis, radio-protection and dosimetry) and energy production (thermal power stations and electric power distribution, waste transmutation).

The trainning is also appropriate for interdisciplinary areas which use nuclear technologies as a tool; for instance: materials sciences, arqueometry, environmental radioactivity, medical physics and others.

The student interested in research and/or academic career will be able to work in groups at the University of Huelva and/or at the other Universities and collaborating Centers.

List of the past academic term students

List of current academic term students