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Alfonso VARGAS (Huelva, Spain, 1962) holds a bachelor (1985) and a PhD degrees in Business Administration (1993) from the University of Seville (Spain). Also, he has the Diploma on Senior Management of Universities issued by Antonio de Nebrija and Politécnica de Cataluña Universities (2007), as well as the Certificate of Specialization on Tourism Destination Planning awarded by the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (2009).

Since 2001 and until his retirement on September 30, 2022,, he has served as Full Professor at the University of Huelva, in its Management and Marketing Department.

Since  October 1st, 1985, when he started his career in higher education, he has taught different subjects in the field of Business Economics and Strategic Management, both in undergraduate and postgraduate courses and doctorate programs, in Spanish and English. He has been distinguished by the University of Huelva with the 2002/2003 Teaching Excellence Diploma, and the 2006/2007 Teaching Excellence & Quality Award as a member of the online teaching group of the Faculty of Labour Studies.

His basic research is oriented towards Strategic Management, which is complemented with applied research focused, as main lines, on Social Economy (management of agrarian co-ops), and, currently, tourist companies and destinations. For three six-years periods (1999-2004; 2006-2011; 2012-2017), Prof. Vargas has been awarded by the National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation of Spain (ANECA) a positive research assessment, as well as a positive knowledge transfer assessment for the period 2003-2008.

Supervisor of many doctoral theses, he is (or has been) in charge of a number of R&D contracts and projects. Besides, he has been the promoter and academic coordinator of several Erasmus/Socrates bilateral agreements in countries such as (in alphabetical order) Bulgaria, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, UK, etc.; and beyond Europe, in Brazil and USA, particularly in the "Global Village" program by the Iacocca Institute (Lehigh University), in which also serves as a facilitator.

During the period 2004-2017, he headed the Research Group named "Innovation and Development Strategies in Tourist Firms" (GEIDETUR), included in the Andalusian Government's Plan of R&D. And for two years (2017-2018)  he served as R&D Director in the International Institute for Research and Development of Special interest Tourism, SITI1 International Organisation (Iran). He also belongs to Marketur (research group on tourism in the Spanish University of Extremadura) and to the Advisory Board of WACRA and CINTURS, serving, besides, as a member of scientific committees and as a reviewer of various national and international bodies, events & publications (journals, etc.).

He has had several books published, among them (in chronological order):

"Decision-Making Aid Techniques: Theoretical Basis" (in collaboration, 1990); "Practical Cases in Business Decision-Making" (in collaboration, 1990); "Firm, Entrepreneur and Decision-Making" (in collaboration, 1991); "The Co-operative Olive Oil Mills of Huelva. A Proposal of Action to Face the Crisis" (1993);  "Keys for Developing Agrarian Cooperativism. Entrepreneurial Amalgamation and Associationism" (1995); "Strategic Management of the Company. Basis for Formulating the Strategy" (1999); "Strategic Management. Analysis and Diagnostic" (2002 and 2004); "Origins, evolution and perspectives of agrarian cooperativism in the province of Huelva" (in collaboration, 2002); "Guide of Good Environmental Practices. Tourism Sector" (in collaboration, 2003); "Tourism and environment. Environmental diagnosis of the rural lodgings in the province of Huelva" (in collaboration, 2004); "Values in the workplace and university education..." (in collaboration, 2004); "Strategic Management. Theoretical and scientific foundations" (2004); "Sustainability of the hotel company: indicators for its measurement" (in collaboration, 2006); "Industrial tourism in the province of Huelva: present and future" (in collaboration, 2007); "Tourism and the wine-making industry: perspectives and proposals for development in the province of Huelva" (in collaboration, 2008); "Mining tourism in the province of Huelva" (in collaboration, 2009); Dirección Estratégica / Strategic Management (2009); "Assessment of professional competences" (in collaboration, 2010); "Industrial Tourism in the Province of Cádiz" (in collaboration, 2011); "Tourism in the Province of Huelva" (2013); "A new theory of strategy for the 21st century" (2014); "Strategic Management in Tourism" (in collaboration, 2018); Turismo e Hotelaria Futureland (in collaboration, 2023)..

He has authored a number of articles published in journals and other scientific means, such as: Journal of International Food and Agribusiness Marketing; European Journal of Information Systems; Human IT; Journal of High Technology Management Research; Technology Analysis & Strategic Management; International Journal of Case Method Research & Application; Tourism & Management Studies; Journal of Tourism and Development; International Journal of Business Environment; Journal of Travel Research; Annals of Tourism Research; Journal of Sustainable Tourism; Journal of Heritage Tourism; Tourism Management; Tourism Management Perspectives; International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management; Journal of Hospitality Marketing & Management; among others. Moreover, he has presented numerous papers in national and international conferences.

Prof. VARGAS has carried out academic activities, both in researching and teaching, in different Universities and higher education institutions around the world, in countries such as -in alphabetical order- Albania, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Cuba, Dominican Republic, East Timor, France, Greece, Indonesia, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Nicaragua, North Macedonia, Paraguay, Peru, Portugal, Slovenia, Taiwan, UK, USA, ... For instance, in UK he has served as Visiting Professor at the School of Business and Entrepreneurship of the Royal Agricultural University, and as a member of its Advisory Council (2013-2016), in Indonesia at the School of Business of President University (March 2017) and in Italy at the Economics Department of Messina University (Italy, March-April 2018).

Currently, he is Visiting Professor in the UK at the York St John Business School (2010-), and invited researchers at the University of the Algarve (Portugal). Additionally, he collaborates, as external expert, with the Agency for Assessment and Accreditation of Higher Education (A3ES), in Portugal, and the Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education (SKVC), in Lithuania, as well as Vice-President (and one of the founding members in 2015) of EATSA, Euro-Asia Tourism Studies Association.

At the University of Huelva, he has served in several positions: Dean of the Faculty of Business Studies (1996-1997), Director of the Management and Marketing Department (2001-2004), Coordinator of the University' Strategic Plan and Head of its Strategic Management Unit (2005-2009), Director of the CEPSA Professorship (2004-2010), promoter and editor in chief of ET (Enlightening Tourism) Journal for 12 years (2011-2022), among others.

At the International University of Andalusia he has been Director of the Ibero-Americam campus of "La Rábida" (2009-2010).

At Columbia University (Paraguay), Director of its PhD Program on Business Sciences (1997-1999).

At the Algarve University, member of its General Council (2010-2014) and Visiting Professor (2012-2013).

At the National Chiayi University (NCYU) in Taiwan, faculty in its Global Master Program of Tourism and Management.

Furthermore, he was the representative of Huelva University at the UN-WTO (United Nations-World Tourism Organization) and CUEIM, in Italy (Consorzio Universitario di Economia Industriale e Manageriale - University Consortium of Industrial and Managerial Economics).

He belongs to the scientific following associations (in alphabetical order):

Academy for Creative Teaching & World Association for Case Method Research and Application (ACT-WACRA); Andalusian Academy of Regional Science (ACACR); Centre of Research and Information in Public, Social and Co-operative Economy  (CIRIEC-Spain); European Academy of Experts, Researchers and Actors in Tourism (EAT); European Academy of Management and Business Economics (AEDEM); Honorary Member of the Itinerant Chair on the New Strategic Theory (CINTE); Spanish Accounting and Business Administration Association (AECA); Spanish Association on Regional Science (AECR).

He is also a founder member (2003-) of the University Association for the Promotion of Social Economy (AUFES) and member of the Technical and Scientific Committee of STEWARDSHIP Italia (for ethical management of resources) and of the External Advisory Commission of CITUR (Portugal).

Since 2005 to 2014 he has chaired the Iberian Circle of Business Economics (CIBECEM, network of border Spanish and Portuguese Universities), where he promoted and led the Spanish-Portuguese Network of Researchers on Tourism, REINTUR (2009-2014).

Final note: One of the Spanish researchers in the field of tourism included in the “Ranking of the World Scientists: World’s Top 2% Scientists”, published by Stanford University, in 2022 and 2023.

Gaudeamus Igitur

 "Cognitio Potestas Est"






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