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Laptops loan regulations

Please, read carefully the following regulations regarding the loan of laptops.The signing of this document implies the reader´s aproval of the current loan conditions

  • 1.- The Laptops Loan Service has the aim of providing access to electronic resources for academic, teaching and research purposes ( databases, electronic journals, e-books, library cataogues, Internet websites, computer management applications, research tools, ... ). It is strictly forbidden the access to erotic, violent or xenophobe contents. Likewise, the use of chats and similar services, as well as the download of illegal software are against the current regulations.
  • 2.- This service can be used by all members of the University community ( professors and lecturers, students and administrative and services staff ). Readers should produce their TUO ( University card ) or ID card on request to use this service.
  • 3.- Timetable: Monday to Friday, from 9.00 to 20.00
  • 4.- Readers should fill in and sign a form which will be provided by the Library, where they accept the conditions of use of the computers. This document will have validity as lond as the reader belongs to the University community.
  • 5.- Loans or check-outs will be processed through our Library management system Millenium. If a reader had their rights suspended for any reason ( expired Library card, overdued items, ... ) he would not be able to make use of this service.
  • 6.-The duration of the loan will depend on its type
    • a)Three-hour loan: mainly aimed at students who need to use the computer inside the Library for a quite limited period of time. There is no possibility of booking ,reservation or renewal in this kind of loan.
    • b) 7 day loan: aimed at all members of the University commnity ( professors, students and administrative and services staff ) so they can use the devices outside the Library facilities. These loans can be renewed by the reader himself up to nine times as long as no other reader has booked that computer. You can also make reservations ( up to one reservation per reader ) but in these cases you should go to the circulation desks and customer services points. It is not permitted to make a reservation if the reader currently has a computer.
  • In both cases, returns should be delivered in the same circulation desk where the loan was processed, with an hour notice to the closing time.
  • 7.- The laptop loan will include the following equipment: portable computer, A/C power, battery charger and mouse. In case of need, we will provide an extension cord.
  • 8.- Computers and its components must be returned switched on and in good condition. Library staff will check out that they are in good condition.
  • 9.- All the equipments are frozen implying therefore that once the computer is switched off it returns to its original state, so all data stored in it will disappear. Because of that, readers who want to store their work should do it themselves in the way that it is explained in the next point
  • 10.- Readers can store and download information by : external memory devices ( through USB ports ), sending them to their e-mail or record them in a CD/DVD ( provided by the own reader ). The Library is not liable of any loss of information that may happen.
  • 11.-Library staff is willing to help readers in the loan and return of laptops, answering any questions related to this service and to the electronic resources provided by the Library. It is the readers´ duty to know how the computer software works.
  • 12.-The use of this service is personal and not transferable
  • 13.- Readers are totally responsable of their devices and their custody and care during the loan period. They must not manipulate the hardware nor the software installed in the computer. Readers should watch over that the computer is not used by any other than the petitioner.
  • 14.- Any anomality or malfunction of the deviced should be inmediately reported to the Library staff.
  • 15.- In case of delay in the return of the laptop, a fine of one academic day per hour of delay will be applied. The penalty will only apply to the loan of laptops, not to the loan of bibliographic material.
  • 16.- In case of loss, destruction or damage of the computer, all the reader´s rights will be suspended until the reader replaces the damaged computer for another one of similar features, or, in its case, the reimbursement of the computer value.
  • 17.- Library staff is entitled to end this service if the reader does not follow the rules established in the current regulations
  • 18.- The inappropiate use of this service might imply the suspensión for an unlimited period of time of the reader status. Likewise, academic authorities will be informed of any conduct against the established regulations of laptops use, adoopting therefore the appropiate measures
  • 19.-The above mentioned measures will be adopted regardless of the eventual liability, both civil and criminal in which the reader may have incurred.
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