SEPLN 2011 - Tutorial


During the conference there will be a tutorial given by Jordi Atserias, that title is UIMAenvironments and PLN libraries.


In recent years have appeared different environments (GATE Nooj, NLTK, UIMA) and libraries (openNLP, Freeling, Tanla) that allow to develop PLN complex modules and they can be integrate in applications easily. In this tutorial we will analyze the advantages and properties of some of these tools (GATE, UIMA, openNLP, Freeling,.) and then we focus in more depth in the analysis of UIMA. UIMA (Unstructured Information Management Architecture) is a modular and flexible structure capable of analyzing large volumes of unstructured information. Beyond the semantic search engine it already has, UIMA can use and explore other alternatives for semantic indexing (eg, Lucene, MG4J), and the easy construction of end applications (eg REST services or consumers RDF CAS).


If you decide to use a laptop to better follow the tutorial, this guide can help you install UIMA.

The slides of the tutorial are available both  format of the presentation and format for printing.

Brief CV

His main area of expertise is Natural Language Processing. I have worked mainly on morphological analysis, parsing, word sense disambiguation, semantic role labeling and information extraction. From 1995 to 2000, I have participated in several European projects (ACQUILEX II, EuroWordNet) and Spanish projects (ITEM) in the frame of TALP research group of the Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya. From July 2000 till July 2002 I worked at SPES (Larousse, VOX) which was part of the Vivendi Universal group. Mainly I was involved in the paper and electronic publication of dictionaries and encyclopedias (see also ). The 1st of July of 2002 I get back to the TALP research group and joined the MEANING european project. From March 2005 till January 2006 I worked on OpenTrad, a Spanish national project (PROFIT) to develop an open source machine translation engine based on the syntax-transfer approach. The 6th of June 2006 I joined the Yahoo! Research Lab. in Barcelona.

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