Research Lines (LIFE)

Reaction Mechanisms and spectroscopy of exotic nuclei

We study reaction mechanisms of neutron rich exotic nuclei of low and medium mass at low collision energies. Studied systems are helium, lithium and boron isotopes, among others.

Nuclear Astrophysics: resonant contributions of key nuclear reactions in explosive stellar nucleosynthesis

We participate in collaborations for carrying out measurements in nuclear reactions and beta decay that allow obtain inputs of interest for stellar nucleosynthesis, in the field of Astrophysics, and particularly in the nucleosynthesis of cataclysmic events such as nova and supernova explosions, or X-ray bursts.

Nuclear Instrumentation and beam diagnostics

We are interested in the development of the front-end-electronics associated with particle detection. We also design electrical adaptors to connect the detectors to their electronics. Another interest lies in beam diagnostic systems that use semiconductor detectors.

Semiconductor radiation detectors

We work with detectors of different geometries, going from single pad detectors to double-sided strip detectors. Diamond detectors are also part of our line of work. The gained knowledge of these types of detectors are reflected on international detector systems such as FAZIA, GRIT and ACTAR.