Continuum discretization in a basis of transformed harmonic-oscillator states

Pérez-Bernal F. Martel I. Arias J.M. Arias J.M. Gomez-Camacho J. Gomez-Camacho J.
Physical Review A
Doi 10.1103/PhysRevA.63.052111
Volumen 63 páginas 521111 - 521119
Citas: 31
The method of defining a transformed harmonic-oscillator (THO) basis, designed to take an account of continuum, by an appropriate discretization is discussed. This method is applied to two analytical one-dimensional potentials of interest in molecular physics. The THO is obtained by large scale transformation (LST) that converts ground state of system into the harmonic-oscillator (HO) ground state. The formalism for one dimensional potentials is presented.
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