Elastic scattering and reaction mechanisms of the halo nucleus Be11 around the coulomb barrier

Di Pietro A. Randisi G. Scuderi V. Acosta L. Amorini F. Borge M.J.G. Figuera P. Fisichella M. Fraile L.M. Gomez-Camacho J. Gomez-Camacho J. Jeppesen H. Lattuada M. Martel I. Milin M. Musumarra A. Papa M. Pellegriti M.G. Pérez-Bernal F. Raabe R. Rizzo F. Santonocito D. Scalia G. Tengblad O. Torresi D. Vidal A.M. Vidal A.M. Voulot D. Wenander F. Zadro M.
Physical Review Letters
Doi 10.1103/PhysRevLett.105.022701
Volumen 105
Citas: 172
Collisions induced by Be9,10,11 on a Zn64 target at the same c.m. energy were studied. For the first time, strong effects of the Be11 halo structure on elastic-scattering and reaction mechanisms at energies near the Coulomb barrier are evidenced experimentally. The elastic-scattering cross section of the Be11 halo nucleus shows unusual behavior in the Coulomb-nuclear interference peak angular region. The extracted total-reaction cross section for the Be11 collision is more than double the ones measured in the collisions induced by Be9,10. It is shown that such a strong enhancement of the total-reaction cross section with Be11 is due to transfer and breakup processes. © 2010 The American Physical Society.
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