Elastic scattering and ?-particle production in 6He + 208Pb collisions at 22 MeV

Acosta L. Sánchez A.M. Gómez M.E. Martel I. Pérez-Bernal F. Pizarro F. Rodríguez-Quintero J. Rusek K. Alvarez M.A.G. Andres M.V. Espino J.M. Fernandez-Garcia J.P. Gomez-Camacho J. Gomez-Camacho J. Moro A.M. Angulo C. Cabrera J. Casarejos E. Demaret P. Borge M.J.G. Escrig D. Tengblad O. Cherubini S. Figuera P. Gulino M. Freer M. Metelko C. Metelko C. Ziman V. Raabe R. Mukha I. Smirnov D. Smirnov D. Smirnov D. Smirnov D. Kakuee O.R. Rahighi J.
Physical Review C - Nuclear Physics
Doi 10.1103/PhysRevC.84.044604
Volumen 84
Citas: 76
Experimental results of the elastic scattering of 6He on 208Pb at E LAB=22 MeV, measured at the CRC facility (Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium), are presented, including results on the 4He production channel. These data were taken with full angular coverage and high angular resolution. Both experimental cross sections are compared with continuum discretized coupled channels and distorted-wave Born approximation calculations, where direct breakup and transfer to the continuum processes are considered. The elastic data confirm the absence of the Coulomb rainbow, while the distribution of ? particles indicates that such production is mostly generated by transfer to the continuum. © 2011 American Physical Society.
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