Octupole correlations in light actinides from the interacting boson model based on the Gogny energy density functional

Nomura K. Rodriguez-Guzman R. Humadi Y.M. Robledo L.M. García-Ramos J.E.
Physical Review C
Doi 10.1103/PhysRevC.102.064326
Volumen 102
Citas: 14
© 2020 American Physical Society.The quadrupole-octupole coupling and the related spectroscopic properties have been studied for the even-even light actinides Ra218-238 and Th220-240. The Hartree-Fock-Bogoliubov approximation, based on the Gogny-D1M energy density functional, has been employed as a microscopic input, i.e., to obtain (axially symmetric) mean-field potential energy surfaces as functions of the quadrupole and octupole deformation parameters. The mean-field potential energy surfaces have been mapped onto the corresponding bosonic potential energy surfaces using the expectation value of the sdf interacting boson model (IBM) Hamiltonian in the boson condensate state. The strength parameters of the sdf IBM Hamiltonian have been determined via this mapping procedure. The diagonalization of the mapped IBM Hamiltonian provides energies for positive- and negative-parity states as well as wave functions which are employed to obtain transitional strengths. The results of the calculations compare well with available data from Coulomb excitation experiments and point towards a pronounced octupole collectivity around Ra224 and Th226.
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