On the integrability problem for the Hopf-zero singularity and its relation with the inverse Jacobi multiplier

Applied Mathematics and Computation
Doi 10.1016/j.amc.2021.126241
Volumen 405
Citas: 1
© 2021In this paper we use the orbital normal form of the nondegenerate Hopf-zero singularity to obtain necessary conditions for the existence of first integrals for such singularity. Also, we analyze the relation between the existence of first integrals and of inverse Jacobi multipliers. Some algorithmic procedures for determining the existence of first integrals are presented, and they are applied to some families of vector fields.
Analytic first integrals, Integrability problem, Inverse Jacobi multipliers, Nondegenerate Hopf-zero singularity, Quasi-homogeneous normal forms
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